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Empowering your operations through a sophisticated
content distribution and management system


A Global Distribution One-Stop-Shop!

Your visuals deserve to reach all corners of the world. We’re offering a one-stop-shop to streamline your content globally.​


Unbeatable Reach. Enable your content to achieve new heights.

Accumulating over 15 years of expertise has been transmitted into our distribution channels and our content management. We’re offering a sophisticated distribution process like no other.​

Maximize your ranking to surge  your visibility

IcePortal harmonizes image tagging systems to produce a higher image score. Once the image score is increased, this boosts rankings and propels your organization’s visibility, resulting in more bookings!


See what our Customers say

“ATEL Hotels is very satisfied to use the technology of IcePortal for distributing our photos. Our photos are present across all channels and the management is so easy that we save both time and money.”

Charlotte Piechota
Operations Advisor, ATEL Hotels

“We wanted to provide our over 4,000 customers a simplified, world-class ability to manage visual content across all channels. Pegasus partnered with IcePortal to embed their latest industry-leading content management capabilities. Pegasus customers can now go to a single central hub to manage all textual and visual content, ensuring their images are high quality an consistent across all channels”

Paul McGrath
VP Product Management, Pegasus

“IcePortal has been providing an excellent service over the years. It makes the management and distribution of our visual assets much simpler on a day to day basis. We are glad to count on such a great team!”

Jonathan García
DAM & QA Assistant,
Barceló Hotel Group

“Partnering with IcePortal equips us with superior technology to enhance our visual online presence and showcase our portfolio of properties in a compelling way.”

James Karebelas
VP of Marketing, Aqua-Aston Hospitality

“Managing the distribution of tens of thousands of images to the OTA, Metas and GDSs across a large chain can be an incredibly daunting task. IcePortal ensures that we are showcasing our properties in the best possible way across all online points of sale. IcePortal is one of few industry partners who offer a combination of great technology, help achieve business growth along with providing exceptional customer support. We simply could not effectively manage the distribution of our properties without IcePortal.”

Jeff Thomas
Director - Distribution Services, G6 Hospitality

“We have a couple of companies that, stand out. when it comes to service level, and Shiji's IcePortal is one of them.

They are always quick to action with friendly and professional service, the level of their follow-ups is beyond what we are used to from other vendors."

Frida Sällebrant
Head of Rate Loading & Channel Support - Scandic Hotels

Who are some of our customers

Enterprise, native.​

Over 2 million images
hosted and distributed

Secure. Scalable. Reliable.​
With over 2 million images hosted and distributed through out system, it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing.​

3x Distribution

Surge your content reach by opting for a system that has three times more distribution channels than any other competitor. Your content deserves the maximum impact.​

Unparalleled Access
To Travel Markets

The Chinese travel market holds huge potential for boosting your booking rate. Within our distribution systems, we have unbeatable access to a wide range of travel markets around the world.

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