SmartX for Visual Distribution

Increase your Hotel Rankings with SmartX

SmartX for Visual Distribution - is a business process service offered by Shiji Distribution Solutions – not only for all current Clients of IcePortal but also for New Hotel companies who wish to transition to IcePortal.

With SmartX and its multi-programs, sit & relax and we will simply do the work for you!

We will enhance your hotel’s visual content scores, boost your rankings on OTAs leading to higher online conversion on the short-to-mid term.

At the core of SmartX offering is IcePortal, a Shiji Product & industry leading visual content distribution solution.

Talk to us to know more what and how SmartX - with its multi-programs - can help your hotel brand and visibility on Travel Channels .

Ensuring all your essential assets are in one place: organized, harmonized and easily found.


SmartX for Visual Distribution

Reduce your fixed costs

  • Focus on your core operations
  • Delegate your visual scoring work to us

Maximize your efficiency

  • Work directly with our experts
  • Achieve your visual content strategy

Unlock your Brand’s Power

  • Tap into valuable resources
  • Drive higher your online content scores
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